'Professional Play Music' is a professional music company providing live events, workshops and expert tuition, giving students a chance to learn about music, gain qualifications, sight reading skills, recording experience, an opportunity to perform live in a fun and friendly environment, and form bands.

'Professional Play Music' teachers are highly experienced and grade 8 qualified musicians specialising in teaching 'Trinity College London', 'Trinity Rock & Pop, 'Rock School', and 'ABRSM'. 

We believe the key to learning is to have fun. We pride our teaching on making learning music easy and enjoyable. We do this by breaking it down using our methods and unique techniques. We activly inspire and educate students of all ages and abilities by sharing our wealth of experience to become the best musicians possible. 

"Music is a life study and takes many years to develop. Sometimes training for a grade exam takes months of preparation and hours of practicing. It's our job to embrace challenges with open arms and maintain a positive attitude. We've seen some amazing developments over the years. If you're serious about being a improving your skills, study with our experienced team, and let us take you to the next level".

Gareth Siggins

Partner Director

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