Gareth Siggins - Drums & Percussion

Gareth is a session artist and music teacher from Hertfordshire, and has been playing the drums since the age of 6. Gareth is a grade 8 qualified musician, and is an international examiner for the Trinity College 'Rock & Pop' panel for all instruments. 

Gareth has toured all over the UK, performing with bands and recording work in Europe (Denmark, Belgium, Holland, France) and has played internationally, including Israel and the USA, noteably in Los Angeles at the world famous 'Jim Henson Studios'. 

Gareth studied at 'Trinity College London', 'DrumTech' and has been trained by industry professionals; modern master Craig Blundell (international 'Roland' artist/ 'Frost*'/ 'Steven Wilson'), Mick Avery ('The Kinks'), Ravi Kesavaram ('My Vitriol'), and John Field ('Georgie Fame'). 

Gareth has been teaching professionally in colleges, schools and privately since 2007, and is currently a perapetetic teacher for drums and percussion at Yavneh College, Hertsmere Jewish Primary School and Clore Shalom. 

Gareth previously worked for many years at a music agency and now has colloborated with Luke Sutcliffe as partner director at 'PPM' to bring a highly professional, unique and personalised service to everyone wishing to develop to the next level.

Luke Sutcliffe - Guitars/ Bass/ Ukulele

Luke Sutcliffe is a grade 8 music teacher and session guitarist London. Luke has been playing guitar for almost 20 years and has been teaching guitar and bass for 10 years. With an outstanding pass rate covering the Rockschool, Trinity rock and pop and RGT syllabus, Luke is one of the most highly demanded guitar teachers in Hertfordshire. Luke studied a music BTEC in jazz, rock, pop, and 'World' music and later graduated with a degree in music contract law at Middlesex University.

A well established live performance musician Luke has been part of many bands and musical events ranging from original music projects, international session work in USA, session work at various institutes such as 'Chickenshed Theatre'. Previous shows include supporting 'The Sex Pistols' bassist Glenn Matlock. Luke's repertoire and experience covers a wide range of styles within all popular syllabuses, but also has his own unique method of teaching to help students of any age progress.

Popular lessons with Luke include ‘play like your hero’. These lessons show students how to play in the style of their favourite artist.

From advanced acoustic 'finger picking' styles of James Taylor to the expressive electric sounds of 'Pink Floyd', Luke covers a plethora of genres including pop, rock, jazz, acoustic and metal.

Luke worked with Gareth for many years at a music agency. Luke has colloborated as partner director at 'PPM' to bring a highly professional, unique and personalised service to anyone wishing to progress and develop to the next level.

Pro Play Music - Gareth Siggins

Gareth Siggins

Pro Play Music - Luke Sutcliffe
Luke Sutcliffe
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