"Gareth is the best teacher around! My son Jacob got a distinction in his first ever grade exam and has UCAS points! He's only 8! I highly recommend Gareth".

Jeff Greenfield, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire


"My son Noah loves his lessons with Gareth! He is progressing so well, about to do grade 6 Trinity Guildhall. Noah says he is a great teacher, really fun and lessons are so very enjoyable. Gareth is passionate about teaching his students and is incredibly enthusiastic. He is professional and caring. Anyone wishing to be a drummer would be so very lucky to be taught by Gareth!"

Naomi Galibov, Bushey, Hertfordshire


"Gareth starting teaching our son Zevi only a few months ago and in a matter of weeks managed to secure a high merit in his 'Rock School' grade 3 exam! While an amazing achievement, Gareth is much more than results and passing exams. His kindness and passion shines through everything he does and he is that rare one in a million soul who has a natural ability to inspire and excite those he teaches. Gareth's enthusiasm and passion for drumming and music is contagious- his invaluable guidance and encouragement is steering Zevi along a journey that no doubt will have an influence on him for many years to come. Thanks a million Gareth as I always say we are lucky to have found you".

Mrs Stonefield, Aylesbury 


"Gareth is a unique and special person, who gives confidence and passion to many people. His dedication and love of drumming shines through and inspires all around him. Not only has Gareth taught our boys to grade 6 level, he has passed on his passion to them, encouraging them to be dedicated and knowledgeable individuals. If only we had such brilliant and inspiring music teachers when we were younger".

Jackie Kramer, Watford, Herts


"Gareth has taught my son Zachery for several years and he has been a fantastic inspiration for him. Gareth's enthusiasm for playing and teaching rhythm is wonderful to see. He has helped Zachery to gain a distinction in his recent grade 6 Trinity exam with 91% and now is preparing for his grade 8 exam with Gareth. Gareth is really supportive, honest and reliable and he certainly gets the best out of his students with his excellent track record. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gareth to anyone looking for a drum teacher or true professional.

Mrs Gordon, Radlett, Herts


"Gareth is a very enthusiastic yet well mannered teacher which I find a very likeable aspect of his teaching. Every time I get stuck when learning a piece of music, Gareth always patiently helps me with many different methods. He also has a wide knowledge of music theory of drumming. I enjoy learning from him very much".

Adam Lau, Stanmore


"My daughter has been taking lessons with Gareth for two years now. During this time she went from a complete beginner to distinction at grade 4. Gareth's teaching skills together with the support and encouragment he provides, has made learning a new musical instrument a pleasant experience".

Mrs Fadavi, Barnet


"Where to begin... Gareth is as good a drum and percussion tutor as you will find. His limitless enthusiasm and dedication towards teaching his students is reflected in how well they perform on stage, in exams and also gigging with others. Gareth is professional and extremely patient and has proved to be a wonderful role model for our two aspiring drummers (Alex 16, and Joseph 10). The range of styles and methods that Gareth teaches are endless and he can demonstrate a complete understanding of all drumming techniques. We have engaged with other music teachers in the past, and no one has even come close to matching both Gareth's teaching skills and personal manner".

Adrian Wright, Barnet, Hertfordshire


"Gareth has trained our 13 year old son Jackson from grade 1 and he has now passed his Trinity grade 8 with Gareth. Gareth is patient, influential and extremely gifted. Jackson made the front page of our local newspaper with his achievement with Gareth. Our son Jackson now has 187 UCAS points thanks to his drum exams. You won't find a better teacher out there".

Karen and Andrew Shoob, Borehamwood, Herts


"Gareth has trained my son Johnnie for over 3 years and covers so many styles and concepts. We are so happy with Gareth and recommend him to everybody. He has also mentored our son's band 'Strung' and we have really seen a difference in their performances since working with him. Johnnie achieved a merit with his grade 4 and grade 6 Trinity exams and now is preparing for his grade 8 with Gareth. Gareth is a very hard worker and always gets the best from his students".

Graeme Baird, Highgate, London


"Gareth is a highly motivational teacher with a great love of music, which can be seen in the way he trains young people to play drums, in addition to the ability to read, understand, feel and enjoy all genres of music. No-one works harder or wants to achieve more for his students than Gareth".

Rob Boyd, Oakwood, Hertfordshire


"My son Louis has been taught by Gareth for over a year and gained a distinction in his first ever public music exam at grade 1. Louis looks forward to his lesson every week. Gareth is passionate about teaching music and his teaching style is second to none. His enthusiasm shines through to his pupils. I would recommend anyone to Gareth!"

Simone Miller, Barnet , Herts

"We were so lucky to be recommended to Gareth as our drum teacher. He is amazing with both our son Abe 10, and daughter Issy 6. Gareth is patient, kind and encouraging. He is a brilliant teacher, teaching not only actual drumming styles but music theory and other types of drums. Both Abe and Issy love their lessons and are truly inspired by Gareth. In addition they are both developing so well. Abe has just passed with Trinity grade 2 with Gareth".

Emma Yantin, Elstree, Herts


"When my ‘lively’ seven-year-old son kept asking to learn to play the drums the idea filled me with horror! But had I known more about Gareth I wouldn’t have worried at all. Gareth has an infectious passion for his music which can't help but excite. His teaching is informative, fun and varied and Sam looks forward to his lessons eagerly. My son has progressed very quickly through Gareth’s dedication and complete patience whether it’s working towards his grade or performing a rock track with a band on stage! I think it’s important to have a good role model to follow whilst learning any instrument and in Gareth I believe that’s what Sam has, I couldn’t ask for more. Sam is now 10 and in Dec 2013 achieved his grade 6 distinction with Gareth".

Natalie Branch, Barnet, Hertfordshire


"Gareth makes lessons so fun and my 10 year old son Freddie always looks forward to lessons. When asked at school who his hero was Freddie said its his drum teacher Gareth, because he teaches him how to have fun and enjoy life. Gareth is a role model to my son and has helped him so much. Hes only been learning a few years and has just passed his Trinity grade 4 and is now studying his grade 6. Not bad for a 10 year old!"

Michelle Diamond, Bushey, Hertfordshire


"I have only been learning with Gareth for a couple of months but I could see an improvement in my playing straight away. Gareth is not only a drum teacher but he is also your friend and teaching-wise he is fantastic; he concentrates on your weaknesses and turns them into strengths. At the moment we are focusing on reading and Gareth always finds a way to make complicated manoeuvres easy".

Jake Marlow, Whetstone, Greater London


"From when I first met Gareth he was very friendly, open and approachable, and I've always felt at ease. I have so much fun learning and always look forward to the next lesson. I've learnt so much already".

Emma Lane, Edgware


"I learn so much with Gareth, he inspires me every single lesson to grow as a drummer and to develop to be as a musician. He makes complex drumming look so easy and has taught me so many methods. Gareth trained me for my grade 4 Trinity exam and helped me so much with my technique, notational accuracy and overall musical performance. Gareth is the best teacher I've ever had".

Uche Williams, Palmers Green


"My son Oliver has only been learning with Gareth for a month or so. Oliver has previously learnt with someone else. Gareth's enthusiasm and love of the drums excels in every lesson and my son is now enthused and much more interested in practicing what he has learnt. Gareth is very professional and great with kids".

Elisa Ziff, Elstree, Herts


"Gareth has been teaching our twin sons for the last year and they both passed their grade 2 Trinity exams BOTH gaining distinctions in Dec 2014. They have UCAS points already at the age of 10. Great teacher, top man!!"

Mr Abrahams, Highgate, London


"The 2011 'Rhythm's Of The World' festival was a superb opportunity for me to experience, see and work with the bands on the main stage. I saw so many different styles of drumming that can be achieved through practice being played in front crowds of 20,000. The festivals and session workshops Gareth organises really open up and broaden your horizons with drumming. Gareth has taught me mentally and physically and now I am the drummer for 'Chicken Shed' and I performed on ITV recently. Thanks to Gareth I'm now able to read and I'm now studying my grade 6. He is without doubt a master drummer and the best teacher I've ever had".

Chris Carey, Barnet, Herts 


"Gareth always works to get the best out of his students. He encourages and motivates. Since being coached by him I feel so much more confident as a drummer. Gareth came to visit our Boy's School in Bushey to teach our students World rhythms. His Brazilian drumming circles workshop was fantastic, all of them had so much fun performing and learning from him. It was a very fun day".

Nadya Dyett, Head Music Teacher, Falconer Boy's School, Bushey, Hertfordshire


"Gareth is a brilliant teacher and my son Jake looks forward to seeing Gareth every week to learn more beats! Usually Jake struggles with learning new things but Gareth has made it so easy for him to play and he's always coming home with a smile and playing new rhythms for the family. Its a big deal leaving my son with people but he loves Gareth and loves drumming and studying with Gareth".

Mr and Mrs Legg, Borehamwood, Herts

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