Gareth Siggins - Drums and Percussion

With an excellent reputation in London for exam success at Trinity College, Gareth Siggins is a grade 8 Trinity College qualified musician and has extensive experience as a professional drummer, percussionist and music teacher. Gareth's teaching style helps students to build their confidence, develop a unique style and gain stage presence. Gareth teaches the Trinity College 'Rock & Pop' and 'Rock School' grading syllabus from beginners to advanced. Gareth has been teaching privately and in UK schools since 2007.

Gareth has colloborated with Luke as partner director at 'PPM' to bring a highly professional, unique and personalised service to anyone wishing to progress and develop to the next level.


Gareth Siggins has been studying rhythm and performing for over 20 years. With extensive touring experience, Gareth has many headlined festivals, clubs in the UK and abroad. These include world famous 'Jim Henson Studios' in Hollywood USA, one of Europe's largest festivals 'The Bulldog Bash' and working as drum kit stage engineer at the BBC stage to 'The Subways' and many other acts at 'Rhythms of the World' festival in the UK. 

His love and admiration for world percussion led him to study and teach the d'jembe, congas, cajon and udu instruments.

Regardless of your musical taste, Gareth will personalise a practice plan and train you to play any style you want to study. Some styles of music take months to develop and take time to perfect. Gareth will help you maintain the technique and motivation to apply his methods. Gareth will teach you the history and many 'World' drumming genres. The bossa nova (a la Ipanema), rumba clave, son clave, songo, mambo, malfuf, cascara, and samba are some of the popular exercises used in his lessons.

The training is very carefully planned and thought out to cater for each individual requirement, whether you wish to improve existing skills or start from the beginning. The style of tutoring will depend on your experience. He will focus on improving your playing and assess and enhance your skill level. Gareth will teach you what you want to learn, in a fun and friendly environment.

Personal statement 

"I have submitted hundreds of students across the UK for Trinity College exams with a high pass rate across London and Hertfordshire for the past decade. Essentially you need to be a well rounded and educated musician and adapt your playing sytles. You need to know about musical arrangement, you need to have a sense of playing the music, not just the drums. I work extremely hard to maintain high standards for everyone, and I'm very proud of my students. 

After studying for many years and touring abroad and developing my sight reading, I have gained so much confidence. It's given me the control, vocabulary and level of professionalism I need in my career today, and to be able to teach the skills to the next generation of players. 

If you have a passion to learn, and love for music, let me be your guide. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations and ensure your drumming success".

Gareth Siggins

Partner Director

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